DERRY Green has become a well-known name for his Love Island inspired glamping pods.

The entrepreneur has managed to create a £4million business from his back garden and the public can now visit it.


Derry Green on Dragons DenCredit: BBC

Who is Secret Garden Glamping founder Derry Green?

Derry Green is the founder of Secret Garden Glamping.

The dad-of-two created his business when his back garden project became popular with his friends on social media.

He has admitted that he is a self-taught DIY-er and learned the tricks of the trade through YouTube tutorials.

Secret Garden Glamping is a collection of glamping pods which members of the public can book out to enjoy a relaxing break.

How did Derry Green get into glamping?

Derry first got his idea for his glamping business when he and his family were camping in the garden but wanted to make it more “exciting”.

He said: “I decided to build a deck, then days turned into weeks and weeks into months until I had a full pod.

“It just kept expanding from there and the kids helped me along the way, pushing my limits each time.

“It took me around eight weeks to complete in total, but now it can take up to three months as they are getting bigger and even more unique.

“Originally, I used reclaimed items from second-hand websites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay, but now I source all my materials from local merchants and suppliers.”

Now the glamping pods can cost up to £70,000 each to build.

Derry has admitted that he never expected his project to turn into a multi-million pound business but now plans to invest millions back into the business.

He currently owns a camping site in Skelmersdale, but is planning to open others across the UK.

Derry said that his son and daughter love getting stuck in as well.

His son helps him out with the DIY side of the business while his daughter enjoys staying in the cabins with her friends.

Derry’s business also had a positive impact on his love life as he managed to find his girlfriend, Chelsea Rogers, 24, when she stayed in one of his pods.

He said: “We met here at the site, as she was one of the first guests to come and stay.

“I accidentally managed to lock her out and when I returned to apologise, sparks started to fly – from there, we’ve never been apart.”

How can I watch Dragon’s Den?

Derry’s glamping business is set to appear on the latest series of Dragons’ Den.

You are able to watch yourself on BBC on Thursday evenings at 8pm and catch up after on BBC iPlayer.

The 21st series started airing in January 2024 and was filmed in Manchester.

published 2024-01-11 18:25:44