Price planned to construct 10 short-term rental glamping tents and two cabins with access to Lake Lanier on 9.4 acres at 3820 James Ed Road. The tents would have been decked out with luxury amenities including queen-sized mattresses, mini-fridges and Wi-Fi. They would cost more than $200 a night like high-end hotel rooms, Price said. 

Several neighbors spoke out against the project at a Hall County Planning Commission meeting, arguing it would disturb their neighborhood. Some said it would bring partying and drug activity, while others were worried about guests encroaching on their private docks. 

Chairman Chris Braswell said it was not the proper location for a glamping site, and the commission voted unanimously to recommend denial. 

Price said neighbors should be “careful what you wish for.” 

“They would have had this nice wooded lot next to them with tents on the other side of the hill they wouldn’t see,” he said. “But now they’re going to have a bunch of homes and less trees.” 

Because the property is already zoned residential, Price won’t need board approval to build homes. He’s already started working with county engineers to subdivide the property, he said, and plans to sell a couple of the homes and rent out the others. 

Price already rents out a cottage next to the property. 

The county added glamping as a conditional use in March 2021, but so far no proposals have been approved. 

Price still hopes to bring a new glamping site to somewhere in North Georgia, saying he’s looking at locations in Dawson County or farther north.

published 2022-02-10 00:17:50