Flashlights and lanterns tend to be found at the core of outdoor adventure and/or disaster preparation gear. Flashlights, typically, are more common because they can offer a substantial amount of light with far less bulk. The Zyntony Torch may change that, as its 20 Cree LEDs are designed to deliver up to 4,000 lumens of light in a 360-degree arc, with independent control over each 90-degree quadrant.

The Zyntony Torch addresses weaknesses common to many typical camping lanterns. Unlike its heavier, bulky brethren, the Zyntony Torch is more portable, handling like a long, slim flashlight. The machined aircraft-grade aluminum exterior is designed to be rugged and waterproof while also providing a textured handle grip. Carabiner and paracord loops allow users to hang or secure the Zyntony Torch to gear for lighting and/or easy carrying.

But what makes the Zyntony Torch unique is the level of control over its array of warm-glowing LEDs. A built-in 5-way button lets users dim the lights and turn on/off each individual 90-degree quadrant. So if you happen to be marching in the dark over rough terrain while heading back to camp, the Zyntony Torch can light the way for all to see, leaving one quadrant off so you don’t blind yourself.

The Zyntony Torch packs 20 Cree LEDs arrayed in four, individually-controllable quadrants


In addition to the powerful output and durable construction, the Zyntony Torch features replaceable, rechargeable batteries and a USB output port for charging devices. This is the kind of versatility that helped make the ZeroHour flashlight a great success. With its built-in Bluetooth wireless capability, the Zyntony Torch is designed to pair with smartphones or tablets for remote lighting control. The companion app also shows a usage history graph and the lantern’s remaining battery life.

The Zyntony Torch is currently funding on Kickstarter, having raised 24 percent of its US$235,000 goal in five days, with another 25 days left to go. A pledge of $165 can get you a first edition Adventure Torch, complete with batteries and wall charger, saving $134 off the retail price. There are also options for a Special Ops Torch and a Glamping Torch.

If the prototype testing and production go according to plan, backers can expect shipments of the Zyntony Torch to start sometime March, 2016. Check out the video below for a test-firing demonstration of the LEDs.

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