In a world where any room, house, building is made of corners and angles, we beleive in organic, parametric and round shapes, we love to break the rules and push the limits of creativity.

Based on known an liable structural systems, playing with forms, shapes, colors, materials, ideas, work hand in hand with Architects and Interior Designer to imagine disruptive landmarks.


Integrate comptemporary alcoves and decorative structures whcih make sense in their direct environment; create a multi-activities central structure which ally both design and function; is always challenging.

The Domeo’s spaces offer this opportunitty to be both easthetic, elegant, creative, functional while keeping simple in mantainance and installation.


With the rising of the remote and nomad work, flexibility is more than ever essential for office building management. Facing the fast changing trends and business evolutions, short term contracting become now the norm.

We offer great design solutions, fast and easy to implement. in need of creative private offices or meeting room, not permanent contruction needed, just assembly and dismantle according the needs.


It’s a fact: from now on, more and more people keep working at home, and this trend is here to stay. Then come the question how to conciliate work time and family life. At Domeo, we know that.

Facing the lack of of solutions on the market, we have developped a collection of “Home Office” modules in differents styles ready to be installed in a minimum of space, in a garden or a courtyard.


The Domeo Structures designed as a home are not only spectacular and unseen design but more than anything else they are a life style. Moreover, imagine that you could bring your home wherever you live around the world.

With no solid contruction needs, and cost 5 to 10 times lower than traditional bricks or wooden house, this open the door to more people to access to propoerty in only few days of few weeks.