Experienced in events, all the Mobile Spaces we develop and concepts we imagine, follow these few essential rules:

  • Eyes catching and experiential
  • Dismantable for fast and durable set-ups
  • Cost effective but premium quality
  • Compact for easy transport and storage
  • Reusable, Eco-friendly


A presence to an event needs first to have a strong visual style to be remarked. This is especially true for brands and sponsors who needs to get the best possible ROI of their marketing investment. Domeo’s spaces are so unusual that they have a great power of attraction. In addtition, some of modern and contemporary style design.


With the development of e-commerce and online sales, reach customers is more challenging than ever. Field marketing and promotional activations keep being then the best way for the brands to meet their audiences.

The concept, the style, the design, the promotion are of course essential points. However, an activation or a roadshow is a very complex operation to setup. Our systems are made for mobility to simplify the logistic and


Concepts and designs have to spread the messages and the values of the Brand. Drawing creativity in our multi-cultural and field experience, we develop strong concepts which always integrate a deep understanding of our client corporate culture; and obviously enough unique to generate the best engagement of the publics and consumers.

Some types of events and activations can be highly complex operations to organize.

We want our client feeling secure and having good sleeps. No matter a simple rental of a basic Mobile Space or a sophisticated concept, we accompany you closely at every steps of implemantation of your projects.

With +30 years of field experience facing so many unexpected problems and situations and we are experts in anticipate problems and solutions maker. So, from design to systems, from hardware to the most little screw, we always develop solutions to minimize risks

We have selected a wide range of furniture and equipment for their style but also because they are specifically adapted to our criterias of mobility and compact storage.

By eliminating the middle people and vendors we reduce the risk of failure and keep the projects as simple as possible for our clients. Doing so, we keep the control on the project to make sure that the final delivery will reach our quality level and the client expections.

It is obvious that than we take care of the set up and the removal. But it might happens that in certain situation you might want to manage by yourself with your team.

No worry, we will adapt the sytems accordingly and we have many possibilties as provide only a supervisor on train yours for an easy “Do It Yourself “.

As most of our clients have no facilities to store and keep their equipment well maintain and in good conditions of storage, we offer this services in our main base in Vietnam (Ho CHi Minh City). For our international clients, we work on developping a network of partners for storage.

Once again the very compact packing of our spaces make them easy to store on small space storage and shipping.