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From 3m to 60m span, Domeo dome are designed for Immersive Experience. They offer a full hemispherical dome to recive projections as 360°, 2D and 3D content. A great way for people entertainment of to educate groups of up to 20 – 1000 people. Domeo Domes are great for both corporate events, exhibitions and public displays.

Domeo propose different types of domes according the needs and situations of use. Inflatable when setup and dismantle time is essential; structural when long term installation is required.


We can provide only the Domes and supply the full system including all the experiential technologies as mapping projections and Immersive Sound system.

  • Screen Only
  • Dome only
  • Dome + screen
  • Dome + screen + Immersive Projections and sound system

Consult us to avise you accurately and design your project precisely.

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Screen for Dome, Dome+Screen, Dome + Screen + Technology

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