Planning & Development

We believe in a future more responsible and respectful of Nature. The projects we develop combine sustainability, environment protection and responsible profitability.

Luxury Nature

The Art-de-Vivre of exclusive luxury experiences.

Visionnary Models

Travelers ask for new true meaningful experiences.

Invest Responsably

Because some investments can truly change others’ life.

Our Values

Our Differences

Our respectful approach of the Nature and Communities makes our Tented Lodges integrated in environment as the most beautiful part of the experience.

Investing in Tented Resorts

Great Opportunities

A Domeo eco-lodge can be installed on small lands but ideally a minimum of 2 or 3 hectares are required.
A standard Domeo Lodge will generally count around 10 to 30 luxury tented accommodations, with or without bar-restaurant, Spa and welness facilities, with a permanent care to minimize the impact on its environment.

Fast Development

From Idea to delivery, only 3 to 8 months are necessary for our Team to develop and install a Tented Lodges project.
This include feasibility and financial studies, master planning, design, concepts, marketing strategy, implementation of operations and pre-opening.
In case of expansion, it is easy and fast develop new phases without disturb normal daily operations.

Operations Support

Our Hospitality Team works with client to plan, implements and pre-open each Tented resorts.
Their specialized expertises solutions include all the departments F&B, HR recruitement, Staffs training, processes, Sales & Marketing, pre-opening. Consulting support services are provided all along the start up process.

Low Investment

The basic amount to invest in a Tented Lodge resort is the lowest in luxury hospitality industry. The wide variety of concepts and ready to install equipment make investments very flexible.
Many factors as targeted guests segments, number of keys, location, level of luxury, offers opportunity investments starting from as low as US$ 150k but consider that US$ 500k to 2M is a better range. Investors can anticipated a 30-50% average EBITDA.

Our Services

Turn-Key Solutions

The Partners

Full Complementarity

Thierry tombelle
Thierry tombelleManaging Founder
A visionary mind connected to an entrepreneurial sense of reality and a lot of creativity. Initiator of innovative and creative projects for over 30 years. With a long field multi-disciplinary experience, his role is to imagine concepts, designs, experiences and make each project a unique and memorable emotions.
Bruno Lespurque
Bruno LespurqueHospitality Consultant
20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, from employee to General Manage for a luxury brand, with in-depth knowledge of F&B and purchasing. He has worked in over 15 countries and in Asia since the last 8 years. Executive master’s degree in Advanced Management, from HEC
Ugo Diamani
Ugo DiamaniProject Management
Expert in Trendy & Leisure resort implementing projects and operations. In 25 years and 10 years as a GM, he led 40+ projects, opened 9 resorts and managed 8
international resorts for one of biggest international actor hospitality brand with teams as large as 500 and revenue as great as €36M across APAC region

Ready to invest with a real meaning

Investing in a Tented Lodges is the opportunity to generate great incomes with a fast return on your investment while giving a meaning for a real Sustainibility and environment protection.