CONTROVERSIAL plans for a glamping site near a historic Scottish park have been AXED after furious complaints.

Stuart McLean and Susan Pearce submitted proposals to North Ayrshire Council for a seven-pod development on the edge of Eglinton Country Park in 2022.


The site was set to be set up near Eglinton Country Park in KilwinningCredit: John Gunion
The pair hoped to introduce a glamping site (stock pic)


The pair hoped to introduce a glamping site (stock pic)Credit: Alamy

The plans, and further revised designs, were thrown out by the local authority after an appeal was lodged with the planning department, reports the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald.

The proposals saw almost 40 objections submitted.

Concerns were raised over the extensive loss of trees and resulting environmental impacts the development would cause.

Planning officials said that a previously undeveloped woodland site was not considered an appropriate location for a glamping development.

They argued the environmental impacts were not justified by the potential economic benefits.

Kilwinning councillor Scott Davidson said: “There are well-informed objections. The turning circle in parking on the road will bring people traffic right to the main entrance of Eglinton Park where people who travel on foot.

“It is a single track road. I support our original objection to this planning application. Eglinton Park means everything to the people of Kilwinning and Irvine.”

The applicants argued that temporary permission gave the council a period of time to decide if the type of development worked.

The plans would see some land having to be permanently left clear of trees and other planting to provide space.

But councillors at the North Ayrshire Council Local Review Body said the development “doesn’t seem right” for the area.

Inside stunning glamping site in breathtaking location – where guests can stay in treehouses, domes or a cottage

Saltcoats and Stevenson councillor Cameron Inglis added: “The biggest things in the park are the historic gardens and designed landscapes.

“Eglinton Park is something we are very proud of and part of our heritage. To have something like this would not seem right.”

Councillor Scott Davidson’s motion to uphold the original decision to refuse the application was passed unanimously.

published 2024-04-28 16:53:44