KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — If you’re a fan of quirky filmmaker Wes Anderson, then you’ll be able to look at any one of the new “Whimsical Retreats” at Sandy Pines Campground at 277 Mills Road and guess which of his movies inspired it.

One of the campground’s nine park-model retreats, for example, has two tennis rackets crisscrossed on the front and is named “Richie.” Inside, the walls are papered over with maps and are adorned with rackets and paddles. As well, the color scheme of everything inside is distinct.

Housekeeping Manager Jerry Collins, left, and Front Office Manager Jessica Wears, both of Sandy Pines in Kennebunkport, Maine, are seen here in front of "Chickchaw Trail," a park-model "Whimsical Retreat" inspired by the 2012 Wes Anderson comedy "Moonrise Kingdom."

If you’re an Anderson fan, then you know this park model has been inspired by “The Royal Tenenbaums,” the 2001 comedy-drama about a wounded, dysfunctional family headed by a patriarch who’s a handful and is played by actor Gene Hackman. One of the characters is a professional tennis player who experiences a slump, so that’s where those rackets come into play.

published 2004-11-10 10:09:33