Locals living next to a luxury glamping site say they awkwardly hear “sex through thin walls of tents”, forcing them to slam their windows shut.  Residents in Lymington, Hampshire have written to complain about two 16ft tents used by Secret Garden Glamping based behind a three-bedroom semi-detached house.

Liz Feay, owner of the campsite, originally sought planning permission to use her garden as a glamping site for five months of the year. However, after the original application was submitted in January, residents began to vent. 

Speaking to the Telegraph, local resident Mel Sims said they had moved to the area because they believed it was quiet and peaceful and described the disruption caused by the glamping tents.

Ms Sims, 51, explained: “The noise from this garden/field in the summer is too much, often past midnight. There is music, loud chat, sex in the thin tents we all awkwardly hear, and swearing. I do not want to back onto a glamping or campsite.”

Fellow resident Daniel Wells claimed that he, his wife and his son were all experiencing disturbed sleep because of the noise.

He also said at times they had had to close the windows “to block out the sound of a couple engaging in acts of a sexual nature”, a sound which he said the walls of the tent were not able to contain.

Mr Wells also complained about a karaoke machine on the site that blasted out several songs repeatedly as early as 6am in the morning. Speaking to the Sun about the claims Ms Feay said she felt like her whole street had ganged up on her.

On whether people had been having sex in the tents, she added: “I just think that’s completely ridiculous, I think it was one occasion.

“I think it’s a lot of lies and they just want me to stop doing it basically. This is my job and my dream and I’ve tried to do it sympathetically and not upset anyone.”

According to the Secret Garden Glamping website, a two-night stay in one of the site’s two tents, Flora and Belle, costs £206.

Following her application, the Lymington and Pennington Town Council planning committee have voted against Ms Feay’s planning permission. A decision by the New Forest District Council is expected by March 6.

In a statement, a spokesperson for New Forest District Council said: “New Forest District Council is currently considering a retrospective planning application, and will review the third party representations made in arriving at a decision.”


published 2024-02-24 15:15:00