Planning permission is sought for four glamping pods on the grasslands beside the former Talbot Grove facility in Castleisland.

Irish Host Family is seeking planning for the pods on the grounds of the former facility.

Irish Host Family has revealed plans for four glamping pods on the site beside the former Talbot Grove building.

Irish Host Family is the current owner of the site, including the building of the former facility, but the plans do not mention any material change to the existing building.

The plans include the use of the existing vehicular entrance for the pods, as well as the existing onsite connection to foul sewer, and all utility services.

According to planning files, Irish Host Family engaged in a pre-planning meeting with the council by email.

It’s planned for all four pods to be 13.4 metres squared.

Kerry County Council is due to decide on the planning application for glamping pods by 7th April.

published 2024-03-08 15:51:39