Le Domaine du Renard – Canada
Client: Domaine du renard – Canada

To offer to nature lovers a comfortable and rejuvenating living space four seasons, high end based on an eco-conscious approach while being actively involved in promoting of winter tourism offers.

6 Geolodges of 7m diameter designed and equiped for 4 seasons and deep cold winter. The Domeo Geolodges are fully insulated and include bathroom, kitchen and even wood stove.

Satisfaction rate: 4.95/5

Some comments:
Martine: “…The domes are impeccable, the view is splendid”
Samuel: “Truly a great experience!!! The dome is simply incredible, the view is superb, air conditioning, heated floor, …”
Sioban: “…Such a wonderful experience in the dome. ”
Kim: “… To all those seeking a unique experience – this dome is for you. the dome offers all the modern comforts of home.”
Karen: “…The domes are breathtaking and such a unique experience.”
Sylvie: “…Awesome accommodation and great experience of staying in a dome…”
Seb.: “…nature blends wonderfully with domes…”