Waterdrop Pod

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The Waterdrop Pod is a comptemporary design of Geodomes. It offers a wide windows bay opning directly in the front, particularly comfortable the Waterdrop Pod is a great solution for modern style eco-resort.


Total area: 38.5m², Indoor area: 28m²,
– Diameter: 7m
– Ridge height: 3.5m,
– Wind load: 100km/h, Snow load: 0.5kn/m2
– Frame: φ25*1.5mm steel tube
– Roof cover: 1050gsm translucent white PVDF fabric
– Front wall: Aluminum framed glass panels (5+9A+5) with one set of 3.1×2.2m glass door.
– Weight: 2000kgs, Volume: 8CBM
– Longest component: 4m
– Lifespan 15+ years

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