Angkor Ballroom

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A large Tent of the Sapa model more sepcificaly design to optimize the covered suface. Originally designed for banquet and reception, it can be greatly used as restaurant, coffee, Yoga room or library; and why not transformed as large residential villa tent. Imagination is the limit.


Total area: 175m², Indoor area: 175m²,
– Width: 11.46m, Length: 15.28m,
– Eave height: 2.7m, Wall height: 2.4m, Ridge height: 6.7m,
– Structure: steel frame,
– Outer cover: 1050gsm translucent white PVDF fabric,
– Inner cover: canvas + thermal insulation cotton
– Solid wall system: glass wall + XPS laminated foaming wall panels with PVC film inside and concrete decoration outside
– 6x full windows bays
– Door: 3 sets of 2.43 x 3.66m glass door (glass panel beside the door)
– Wind load: 100km/h, snow load: 0.3kn/m2.
– Set of expansion bolts for tent to fix on cement/wooden ground.
– weight: 9000kgs, Volume: 24CBM
Longest component: 7.70m

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Weight9000 kg

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