SPONSORED (All American Autoplex) – Pulling up to The Container Retreat in Canyon Lake, I knew this was going to be an adventure. Erin Hudson, visionary behind the retreat met me lakeside to share how it all began. She originally had three containers that her teens turned into Airbnbs.

“Oh my gosh, these would be perfect for my kids to start and be able to be owners of little shipping container, tiny home Airbnbs,” Hudson said.

Then, those got very popular.

“And so after it started to blow up i was like, ‘hold on a second…I’ve got to go bigger with this,’ and that’s when the whole vision was created, ‘oh my goodness, what if I could create these shipping container, tiny home retreats and put them in phenomenal locations,” such as lake front, like what you’re seeing here at canyon lake and then we’ve also got them right out of Fredericksburg,” Hudson said.

At the Canyon Lake location, there’s plenty to see and do, and you don’t have to go far at all.

“We’ve linked up with yellow boats, which is a pontoon company, and they’ll come right here into the cove, they’ll pick up our people and they’ll take their 14 guests out for a little party along the water. And so we have that and we have others that have speed boats that you can wake surf and wakeboard behind and ski behind as well so we want to be able to bring these amenities straight for our guests,” Hudson said.

Erin said, she wanted to make things easy for guests. That way, all they’d have to do is pack a bag and head out to these tiny homes.

“We’ll have everything here for you, from beach chairs to coolers, to being able to come get on a boat, having everything that you need kind of glamping style. Because it’s not a big home you’re talking anywhere from 160 square feet to 360 of living space and so it’s micro home living just for a little weekend getaway or a week getaway with some of your favorite people. So here it’s truly about resting, recharging, relaxing and enjoying it with some of your most favorite people ever,” Hudson said.

Bachelor or bachelorette parties, celebrations, weddings, conferences, Erin says you can do it all here.

“We’ve got an upper unit and a lower unit. They’ve got two separate access points, but if you want a little bit of space and breathing room, you absolutely have that. Or you could come, at this retreat we can fit up to 60 people,” Hudson said.

So how do you get started?

“Check out our website, www.thecontainerretreat.com and so that’s where you’re going to find our locations and beautiful pictures and what to expect if you come stay at one of our beautiful retreats.”

If you’re up for an adventure, go ahead and book your stay. And stay with me, Senora Scott, each week as I continue to go RAMblin ‘Round Texas.

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published 2024-04-02 12:28:50