Short for glamourous camping, glamping has seen a sharp increase in popularity, especially in areas such as East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park. Typically using a ‘safari style’ tentage, they will come with beds, pillows and either fans or air conditioning depending on the company. Packages such as birthday surprises or marriage proposals are offered as well.

Outside of the usual glamping at the parks, companies have also come up with more unique offerings such as glamping at home or in the zoo and even in hotel rooms. Here are some interesting glamping spots to enjoy with your family and friends.

#1 Glamping With The Penguins

Located in the new bird paradise, this glamping experience is held at the penguin enclosure where tentage are set up inside the building. As part of the package, guided tours around the parks, bird interactions and backstage experiences are held as well.

In the tents, there are air beds with linen and pillows provided along with decorations such as plants and fair lights. Picnic baskets are also included, providing visitors with snacks to munch on while watching the exclusive southern lights showcase.

This experience costs $1,699 for up to 4 people and lasts 2 days.

Address: 20 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729825

Check-In-Time: 4pm
Check-Out-Time: 2pm

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#2 Into The Woods

Situated on Lazarus Island, glamping here will offer a pleasant respite against stressful city life. There are a wide range of activities to partake in such as going on a picnic with the provided basket and trolley or swimming in the waters directly outside the tents.

In terms of tentage, there is either the couple tent that accommodates 2, and the family tent that accommodates 4. However, do take note that the toilets are a 5 minute walk away so do use the flashlight provided.

Visitors are also encouraged to prepare their own meals with the basic condiments and crockery from the portable kitchenette provided. For those who do not wish to bring their own ingredients, pre-order food bundles can be purchased as well.

 Couple TentFamily Tent
Marina South Pier Departure (pet-friendly)$380$430
Sentosa Cove Departure (non-pet-friendly)$395$445

Ferry tickets are included in the price as well.

Address: 15A Pulau Seringat, Lazarus Island, Singapore 0099551

Check-In-Time: 3:30pm
Check-Out-Time: 11:00am

#3 Sofitel Family Fun Glampcation

Located at Sofitel Sentosa, this ‘glampcation’ is held within a hotel room and is catered towards kids. Included with the room is a tepee set up for the kids, along with constellation lamp lights to simulate being under the stars.

Included with the experience are keepsake amentities such as sleeping bags, peacock plush toys and bedroom slippers. However, do take note that parents need to book a room as it is not included within the package.

 Couple Tent
Family Fun Glampcation$128
Luxury Room$328

Address: 2 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa, 099891

Check-In-Time: 3pm
Check-Out-Time: 12:00pm

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#4 Glamping City

Starting from $175.20 per night, every tent has the option of air conditioning which is much needed in Singapore’s climate. The tents also come with air beds, linen and  furniture enhancing the experience.

Furthermore, there are even movie packages where an 80-inch movie screen is provided, along with a JBL speaker and 1080p HD projector. However, do take note that you need to download the movies on your device first.  It costs $129 for 3 hours and $199 for 7 hours.

There are also birthday and proposal packages available.

In terms of pricing, the basic tent rentals differ depending on when you book and whether air conditioning is present.

Tent TypePrice
Couple Deluxe (Sea View)From $175.20 (Non Air Conditioned)
From $295.20 (Air Conditioned)
Family Deluxe (Sea View)From $207.20 (Non Air Conditioned)

From $327.20 (Air Conditioned)

Couple Suite(Sea View)From $231.20 (Non Air Conditioned)

From $351.20 (Air Conditioned)

Family Suite (Sea View)From $231.20 (Non Air Conditioned)

From $351.20 (Air Conditioned)

Address: 1500 East Coast Park, Singapore 468963

Check-In-Time: 3pm
Check-Out-Time: 12:00pm

#5 GoGlampingSG

Instead of glamping outside, you can do it within the comforts of your home with GoGlampingSG. They provide the tepee tents, mattresses, pillows and decorations, enhancing the experience.

There are also add ons such as birthday sets which include balloons and personalised chalkboard messages that range from $50 to $250. For the experience, it will cost $200 for up to 4 people and $35 for subsequent additions.

Things To Bring

Many glamping spots are still situated in outdoor areas such as beaches, and despite the nicer accommodations, it is probably still advisable to bring mosquito repellants and mosquito coils, especially if you have young children.

Some of the glamping destinations may also use shared bathrooms so toiletries and towels are another essential. Power banks are also another key item as tents do not come with power supplies and devices or torchlights may need a recharge.

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published 2024-06-10 09:06:20