The Murray River is not only the longest river in Australia — flowing more than 2500km from the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales to the Lakes and Coorong in South Australia — it’s also one of the world’s oldest rivers, estimated to be around 130 million years old. 

As such, the area is rich in history, culture and heritage. There are museums to visit, a vibrant arts scene to enjoy and the Ngaut Ngaut site — a place sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area — to tour. But the greatest attraction here is definitely the beautiful physical environment, and people enjoy it in a myriad of different ways — hiking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, walking and cycling. 

Get to know this region better through a three-day guided river safari tour. You’ll enjoy the unique and diverse landscapes of this area through guided walks, canoeing trips and outback drives, and you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to observe the local wildlife, like kangaroos, wombats, pelicans and spoonbills.  

While you’re there, make time for a visit to Australia’s very first International Dark Sky Reserve at Murray River. Covering more than 3,200 sq km, this park boasts some of the darkest skies on the planet, making it perfect for stargazing. Book a guided tour, or set up camp with your own telescope and binoculars for an unforgettable nighttime experience.

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published 2024-06-21 03:00:00