These days, we’ve all heard of glamping…It’s essentially a more comfortable and luxurious alternative to traditional camping.But did you know that the UK Google searches for glamping has grown by 400% in 2020?For sure, it’s an up-and-coming trend and a new way to travel and experience camping.So, whether you want to plan a glamping trip or simply understand more about this industry, we have gathered the most recent and important statistics about glamping below.Let’s start!Sources: Underneath each stat is the source we got them from. You can scroll to the end of the page for a full list of the articles and research papers we used here.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a type of camping where travelers can enjoy luxurious comforts while still experiencing a vacation in little known destinations and campsites.The word ‘glamping’ itself combines glamour and camping, embodying a more modern form of traditional camping.

Who Is The Target Market For Glamping?

Overall, the younger population is the main target market for glamping. In 2019, 60% of glampers in North America are Millennials or Gen Zers.Millennials in specific make up 48% of leisure travelers who glam.

How Big Is The Glamping Market?

The global glamping market size was worth $2.35 billion in 2021 and $2.57 in 2022.<img ” src=”” alt=”global glamping market size” style=”display:none”>

Is Glamping A Growing Industry?

Yes. The glamping industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.9% in the next eight years, from 2022 to 2030.

Key Glamping Statistics

  • The glamping market value in 2022 was estimated at $2.57 billion
  • It’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.9% in the next eight years, from 2022 to 2030
  • In the US alone, the glamping industry had a market size of $463.7 million in 2021, an incredible 28.9% increase from the previous year
  • Together, the market leaders account for 15-20% of the total glamping market share
  • 60% of leisure travelers in North America who have been glamping in the previous two years are Millennials or Gen Zers
  • In 2021, cabin and pods made up over 46% of all accommodation types in the glamping industry
  • 50% of people who go glamping prefer to have good Wi-Fi connection in their accommodation
  • Google UK searches for “glamping holidays uk” and “uk staycation” rose by more than 400% each

Glamping Market Statistics

Is glamping a growing industry?

1. The Global Glamping Market Size Was Worth $2.35 Billion In 2021.

[Grand Review Research]The glamping market includes the total sales of glamping accommodations.

2. The Glamping Market Value In 2022 Was Estimated At $2.57 Billion.

[Glamping Global Market Report 2022]

3. It’s Forecasted To Reach $4.23 Billion In 2026.

[Glamping Global Market Report 2022]

4. Moreover, It’s Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 10.9% In The Next Eight Years, From 2022 To 2030.

<img ” src=”” alt=”global glamping market size” style=”display:none”>

. In 2022, Glamping Market Sales Was Estimated To Represent 2-4% Of The Total Sales In The Overall Adventure Tourism Market.


6. In The US Alone, The Glamping Industry Had A Market Size Of $463.7 Million In 2021, An Incredible 28.9% Increase From The Previous Year.

[Grand Review Research]

US glamping market size

7. Within The Same Timeframe Of 2022 To 2030, The American Glamping Market Is Anticipated To Grow By 13.9% Annually, Or 3.9% Higher Than The Global CAGR.

[Grand Review Research]

8. The World Region With The Largest Glamping Market In 2021 Is Europe, Dominating With A Market Share Of 35.11%.

[Grand Review Research]

9. France Is A Key Country In Europe In This Industry, Promoting Glamping With A Total Of 8,000 Campsites.

[Grand Review Research]France has 8,000 campsites, making them one of the main countries that promote glamping in Europe.

10. However, The Revenue For Traditional Camping Has Declined In France, With More Than 1,000 Traditional Campsites Closing Down Over The Last Two Decades.

[Grand Review Research]With the rise of glamping as a new way to experience camping, trdaitional camping revenues have unfortunately dropped in France.

11. Other Than The US, UK, And France, The Top Countries Where The Glamping Industry Is Booming Are Canada, Spain, Russia, Japan, Germany, China, And Australia.

[FutureMarketInsights]Canada’s RV industry is growing with $416 million’s worth manufactured in 2019 alone, but people are also starting to look at glamping as an alternative to campervans and traditional camping.

12. Together, The Market Leaders Account For 15-20% Of The Total Glamping Market Share.

[FutureMarketInsights]The top players in the glamping industry include ACCOR SA., Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Radisson Hotel Group, Bourne Leisure Holdings Limited, as well as TENTRR.

Glamping Demographics

Who is the target market for glamping?

13. 60% Of Leisure Travelers In North America Who Have Been Glamping In The Previous Two Years Are Millennials Or Gen Zers.

[Grand Review Research]The demand for glamping is highest among 18-32 year olds, showing that this activity has become a popular activity for the younger generation.

14. The Second Largest Age Group Segment Is 33-50 Year Olds, Making Up 28% Of The Respondents.

[Grand Review Research]

15. Millennials In Specific Comprise 48% Of Leisure Travelers Who Glamp In North America In 2019.

[Grand Review Research]

Glamping Accommodation Insights

What are the top accommodations for glamping?

16. In 2021, Cabin And Pods Made Up Over 46% Of All Accommodation Types In The Glamping Industry.

[Grand Review Research]

17. Bookings For Cabins And Pods On Pitchup.Com Grew By 102% And 73% Respecitvely, In January 2018.

[Grand Review Research] is an online campsite and holiday park booking platform based in the U.K. In January 2018, they saw a 102% and 73% increase in cabins and pods bookings respectively.

18. The Website Also Revealed That Eco Pods Are The Top Choice For Eco-Tourism Among Campers.

[Grand Review Research]

19. Similarly In Europe, Cabins Also Make Up The Largest Segment Of Accommodation For Glamping.

[Grand Review Research]Researchers hypothesize that this is because families prefer to stay in cabins as they have complete facilities, which can be convenient when travelling with kids.In fact, ‘cabineering’ has become a new and growing glamping trend.

20. In 2019, Domestic Tourists Spent 1.7 Million Nights In Glamping And Alternative Accommodations In Great Britain.

[Statista]Although the number is small compared to the 19.8 million nights spent in an RV or motorhome, it still represents a promising figure.

nights spent camping in UK

21. A 2021 Survey In Colombia Revealed That 3% Of All Respondents Chose Camping Or Glamping As Their Preferred Type Of Travel Accommodation.

[Statista]Once again, this is still a small percentage in comparison to the 53% that chose hotels as their favorite travel accommodation.

Top travel accommodations in Colombia

What are some top glamping trends and destinations?

22. 50% Of People Who Go Glamping Prefer To Have Good Wi-Fi Connection In Their Accommodation.

[Grand Review Research]

23. Other Popular Glamping Amenities Include Kitchens, En-Suite Bathrooms, Linen Service, And Pools.

[Grand Review Research]These amenities allow participants who want to try camping with luxury.

24. The Growing Popularity Of Glamping Is Tied To The Rise Of Staycations. In 2019, 1.5 Million Residents Of Ireland Were Reported To Go On A Staycation, Which Was 15% Higher Than The Previous Year.

[Glamping Global Market Report 2022]1.5 million Irish people took a staycation in 2019, or 15% more than the years before.

25. Likewise, The Online Hotel Booking Platform Hoo Also Found That Bookings For Staycations Increased By 18% In 2021.

[Glamping Global Market Report 2022]This statistics shows not only an increase in online bookings for hotel rooms, but also the rise of staycations in various global destinations. Experts also state that the popularity of staycations will in turn drive the growth of the glamping market.

26. Google UK Searches For “Glamping Holidays Uk” And “Uk Staycation” Rose By More Than 400% Each.

[Statista]In post-lockdown 2020 in the UK, Google searches for both “glamping holidays uk” and “uk staycation” grew by over 400%. This shows in an increasing interest in domestic travel and glamping vacations.


Overall, although the Coronavirus pandemic had caused a 72.4% drop in global tourism, the glamping industry shows a promising growth in the future.Researchers and experts expect this emerging industry to continue developing, especially with the rise of staycations.Can you think of anything we didn’t cover about pet travel?Let us know by commenting below!You might also enjoy these other stats…

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