Camping is almost a rite of passage if you have grown up in Upstate New York.  Pitching a tent in the woods with Dad as the rest of the family unloads the station wagon and your Mom prepares the dinner.  The lake is right through the woods, and the tall pines sway in the summer breeze.  Sound familiar?

Well, now it is time for glamping and yurt experiences to join the camping story.  Glamping (glamor camping) is getting more and more popular all the time.  For city slickers, and love birds, these pre-made campsites are just the thing.  And a yurt?  Those ancient Mongolian round tents?  Yup, you can find dozens of places that offer yurt sites at their campgrounds.

This gallery looks at a selection of venues that offer up the best in glamping and yurt options for weekend warriors looking to get close to nature.  This gallery looks at those we found in the Catskill Mountains.  We will examine other regions around the state that offer these modern camping concepts in the near future.

The Catskills are a perfect place to sample glamping and yurts.  The woods are lush, the lakes are cool and clear, the rivers and streams are chocked full of trout and other fish, and the nights are filled with blinking stars.  Each gallery mention has a direct link to the venue’s social media.

And, for fun, we have also added a couple places that let you sleep in a classic vintage Airstream travel camper.  How cool is that!

Happy camping!  I mean, happy glamping!

Glamping and Yurts? These Are Not Your Grandfather’s Camping Places. Very Cool!!

Can you imagine if your Grandad wanted to take you out for a weekend of camping and fishing. And you ended up “glamping”? Or, even better, sleeping in a Yurt? These are some of the best places to do just that in the Catskill Mountains. High-end camping (glamor camping) and creative yurts (a round tent) abound in the Catskill region and these are some of the best. We also threw in a couple of camping sites that let you spend your weekend in the vintage elegance of a classic Airstream travel camper. Check these out. Bucket list material.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D’Imperio

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Gallery Credit: Chuck D’Imperio

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