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Back on past newsletter, few words about solutions for hospitality industry. Because in addition to COVID19 Pandemic, one of the major challenge of Hospitality is the very strong competition with mass tourism currently at a standstill beyond and how to start up again. The closing of the borders of many countries as well as the possible quarantine of their nationals if they travel abroad, force the local and national tourism to face a real difficult situation. Moreover, the hospitality industry have to face an increased competition as the market reduce.

  • So, how to attract customers?
  • So, in that issue, you can read:
  • Dare to develop great concepts
  • How to get creative ideas
  • Why to be Certified “Green-event”
  • How to make your Team more efficient

Dare to develop strong concepts!

In fact, many solutions are known for a long time, but just starting to intersest medium and big hospitality groups long time satisfied with their business model. Some are shyly testing some experimentations creative concepts. Nowadays it is more than ever urgent to implement them. Improved Staffs skills, offer unique lifestyle experiences to customers, invest in new entertainment offer, audit and improve services quality, etc. Here are some of the solutions.

Being creative enough to create great unique experiences it nos as easy as it looks. Experiential has to be carefully imagined to match with the establishment style, sales strategy and obviously being attractive for guests. It takes experience to make the difference with aggressive competition.

By offering to your guests the possibility to living an extraordinary experience you talk directly to their emotions and make them your best ambassadors particularly at the time of Instagram and Social media. More unique it is, more they will posts. Few Ideas here […] and here […]

How to get creative ideas?

Your worth limitation is yourself! Imagination is open to all but it takes a special state of mind and personality to be creative. Usually, we stay in our comfort zone and then reproduce what we know to ensure the profitability. The result is a simplification and standardization of the offer and then limit the attraction to the search of best deal and discounts instead of a the search of unique.

Therefore it’s essential for Hospitality managers and owners to be able to make their self-critic, open their mind and encourage their staff to become a “force-of-proposition”.

It is Domeo job to support managers and owners in their improvements. It starts by a deep analyze before proposing winning concepts, themes and experiences adapted to each situation. Our long experience in creative industries and entrepreneurship associated to our great international network of creatives experts gives you access to innovative concepts, surprising themes and unusual products perfect to attract customers.

Be Certified “Green”, Step up your Eco-resonsability

Responsibility and respect the environment is more essential than ever. Market studies have shown that being “Green” is already an essential criteria of decision for clients in their choice of destinations. This is even particularly true for Corporation as they have to take their social responsibility and ensure to make known that they do their part. And facing the drastic drop in business trips and international seminars, it is also a matter of positive brand image for each establishment in addition of being a great collective project for Teams.

Because we think it is time to act, we are actively working to set up a Reference Label, a Certification and purchasing source for professionals green products. SUS10.ME

Green consulting and Eco-Friendly products […]

Make teams more efficient by Training

To develop employees’ skills, we have created adapted training programs and workshops adapted for the Staffs involved in creative and event business and activities (MICE, Parties, conferences, etc.). Domeo offers workshops especially designed on specific questions and needs. They cover all the basics, from of sales techniques to processes of production, from imagining great concepts, planning to understand process, equipments and creativity as well, info here…

How to step up guests’ experience?

Invest in creative and valuable concepts and equipments:

As venue owner, you need to permanently update your equipment and amenities as well to propose new offers . Domeo can guide you to accurately imagine winning ideas and invest in the right durable quality and adapted solutions.

Develop your opportunities and possibilities,

Domeo supply unusual and unique for stylish and creative experiences: design and elegant Furniture, unique products, spectacular services and more, check Domeo catalogs to find ideas you need for stunning and unseen concepts.

Learn how to create experiential:

Register to Creativ’ International Trainings.

Learn how to think out of the box and how to release your imagination to create unique moments worth to talk to guests emotions. For yourself or your Teams, complete your skills and improve your knowledge for the best experience. Our Trainings & workshops here […]

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