Market Your Glamping Business to Millennials in 2022
If you’re interested in gaining access to the target glamping market, then it’s time to dust off your keyboard and charge your camera battery – now!

Social medias influencers
Approximately 70% of Millennials base their ideal vacation destination decisions on what they see on Facebook and Instagram, and together they have around $ 200 billion to spend to create a cozy atmosphere that is almost tangible when looking at the photo.

If you have a glamping business or are thinking of starting one, it is important that you focus on attracting your ideal clients and fending off those who are not suitable for what. This will provide many amazing experiences to your ideal glamping target market and your business will receive incredible reviews. Using a glamping hut or tree house as an example, here are some things you can do, low quality or even low budget.


Pod & cabins
Pod & cabins are known for combining the best of form and function and inviting nature inside, without sacrificing style. High vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows are anything but stuffy and unkempt, making weekend getaways and family vacations anything but easy, with special features and aspects of the property that would appeal to a millennial audience.
If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Showroom for inspirational models of Tents.

Campsites, the easiest Glamping for uniques location:
Campsites are much easier to install than more built structures as they require any construction they can be planned and setup in few weeks and in unique locations forbidden to construction. This means that travelers can experience some of the most picturesque places in the world and be closer to nature without sacrificing a good night’s sleep.

Comfortable amenties , Wifi-Internet and outdoor activites
Glampstay owners looking to target Millennials should consider the amenities available to them, as up to 71% of Millennials rate experiences through things. This means getting up close and personal with nature and providing easy access for hiking, biking, long beach walks, and more.  Some of these trends may be exaggerated, but millennials have different tastes and priorities than previous generations, according to a new study by travel website Contiki, They prioritize activities over physical shopping, with 71% of 18-35 year olds citing experience as the most important.

Switch them off of the technologies, a mistake
While the idea of ​​camping appeals to millennials, there’s something about the lack of access to devices that they can’t give up, the great outdoors without having to forego luxury. For Millennials, this is a crucial rule as many have spent their entire lives and business on just their smart devices. Take a break and know that around 39% of Millennials spend more time on their smart devices than with loved ones.

Geodome in the forest

Do you need help connecting with your target glamping market?
Small business owners continue to struggle to engage with Millennials in meaningful ways, but this is especially important for anyone running a glamping lifestyle or hospitality business. If you need help connecting with your ideal client, dive into our Glamping Blog and be inspired by techniques many other hosts are using.

In conclusion
Millennials need vacation spots that meet their needs in terms of both relaxation and functionality. While they will be given access to WiFi but given strategies to help them unplug, it will allow millennials to enjoy a balance and have much more satisfied guests in the future.

Article adapted from Inspired Camping blog