The OHAI Nazaré Resort, located in the heart of Pinhal de Leiria, three kilometres from the village of Nazaré, promises to provide unique experiences for the whole family throughout the year, with a focus on sport, sustainability, children’s entertainment, and personal development.

The activity program of OHAI Nazaré is constant, but adapts to the time of year, guaranteeing guests a variety of unique experiences surrounded by nature.

For the little ones, the resort will provide an inflatable, a mini community garden, treasure hunts, and recycling scavenger hunts. OHAI Nazaré also has free volleyball, football, and paddle tennis courts for guests. The courts can be used independently, and on busy days, there will also be organised games. Paintball tournaments represent an ideal experience for the whole family. A bicycle rental service is also available for relaxing tours around the surrounding area.

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There will also be different workshops dedicated to the little ones and aim to help develop their motor or cognitive skills, such as the “Passarinhos de Portugal” painting workshop or the “Atelier das Emoções” – a mindfulness workshop designed to aid young people manage their own emotions or deal with the emotions of others. For adults, there are traditional pottery classes, which showcase the best of local crafts.

From May 10 to May 12, OHAI Nazaré will host the Ohai Spring Fest, a mini-festival to celebrate Spring, aimed at kids and adults. The collection of inflatables, mascots, music, cotton candy, popcorn, talent competition and many more activities, promise a weekend of fun surrounded by Nature, with the sea of Nazaré as a backdrop.

published 2024-04-06 14:05:00