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Premium luxury Villa-Tent for both Eco-Resort and Residential.


Set of two hexagonal tent
– Size: 12m x 7m, SIde length 3.6m each
– Area: 74m², Indoor area: 72m²
– Wind load: 80km/h, snow load: 0.2kn/m2.
– Structure: wood + steel frame,
– Outer cover: 850gsm blockout beige PVC,
– Inner cover: 14N canvas + thermal insulation cotton + 10N
– Canvas Solid wall system: wood framed glass wall + wood wall + silicate rock wall
– Window: 9 pcs of fixed blind + 5 pcs of shutter
– Doors: 1 set of 1.2 x 2.24m wood door and 4 sets of 1.2 x 2.24m glass door
– Includes one set of expansion bolts for tent to fix on cement ground.

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