Strech Tents

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Arising from the need to create shade in areas that conventional tents can’t venture, temporary or semi-permanent use, you protect your Guests from rain and sun and optimize your spaces with unique elegant and classy design concept. Our Tension Fabrics Covers are truly easy to setup and need no specific competences to install. TenTsion™ can be printed, branded or even fully personalized to your brand and colors.


have a range of closing-down systems for our tents which include Doors, full walling & side skirts. These are great to have on hand if bad weather is forecasted and allows our clients to extend their “season” well into the winter months, giving them the ability to affectively heat our stretch tents when required. In hot climates, this also gives operators the ability to air condition our tents effectively.

TenTsion tents come with a modular linking system to join tents and increase capacity. With the radical technological advancement in velcro technology, TenTsion uses a tried and trusted system of velcro to attach gutters. This system has proven to be one of the easiest to install and dismount and the shear strength is storm proof.

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Tent Sizes

10,50×7,50m., 12x8m., 15×10,50m., 21x15m., Custom

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