Sapa Lodge

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This style of Tents are much more than just tent. With its strong steel structure and its solid wall, the Sapa Tent is perfect to make a tent as a real residential home. The assembling system make easy the addition of rooms. Long time durable life span for more than 15 years make it a perfect Villa-Tent.


Hexagonal Villa- Tent Solid walls
– 6 sides x 3.5m length each
– Total area: 40m²
– Indoor area: 31m²
– Eave height: 2.1m, Wall height: 2.45m, Ridge height: 5.6m
– Top Height: 5.6m
– Solid wall system:
– 3 sides bay window
– Door: 1 set of 2.43×3.37m glass door (glass panel beside the door)
– Walls: XPS laminated foaming panels, PVC film inside and concrete decoration outside for 2 length sides
– Wind load: 100km/h, snow load: 0.3kn/m2
– Structure: φ60*3mm steel frame
– Roof cover: 850gsm beige PVC
– Inner cover: 14N canvas
– Insulation panels (Aluminum foil foaming welding with 360gsm PVC)
– Wall: 360gsm light Khaki PVC fabric with Velcro ventilation screen
– Entrance: 360gsm light Khaki PVC fabric with zipper
– set of expansion bolts for tent to fix on cement ground.
– Weight: 2500kgs, CBM: 6CBM, Longest component: about 3.6m

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