THERE’S a campsite in the UK with its very own lake and private glamping teepees, and it only costs £20 per night.

The rising cost of holidays means more people are considering vacations closer to home this summer.


Located in Trelill in Cornwall, Cornish Tipi Holidays is surrounded by a woodland valleyCredit: Cornish Tipi Holidays
Cornish Tipi Holidays was the first teepee campsite in the UK


Cornish Tipi Holidays was the first teepee campsite in the UKCredit: Cornish Tipi Holidays

One of those places where Brits can bag a bargain stay is Cornish Tipi Holidays.

Founded in 1996, Cornish Tipi Holidays claims to be the first teepee campsite in the UK.

Located in Trelill in Cornwall, the campsite is surrounded by a woodland valley, and it’s also home to a spring-fed lake with crystal-clear water.

Described on the website as a “real Swallows and Amazons experience” thanks to the campsite’s picturesque meadow, which is covered in ferns and bluebells.

The manmade lake was created from the old Tregildrans Quarry.

Holidaymakers to the campsite can swim and bathe in the water as well as fish for rainbow trout – although visitors will need to bring their own rods and fishing licenses.

Campers can also use the boats and canoes on the lake.

Dotted across the 20-acre site are a handful of Canadian teepees (spelt tipis in Canadian English) as well as several tent pitches.

Holidaymakers can book to stay in either a medium teepee, which sleeps two adults and a young child, or a large teepee which sleeps six.

Private wild camping pitches start from £25 per person per night based on two adults sharing a six-person pitch.

It adds: “Our tipis and tent pitches are dotted about this secret 20 acres clothed in ferns and bluebells, oak and meadowsweet.”

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Although slightly inland, there are plenty of things to do around the campsite, including Tintagel – a tiny Cornish village.

Despite being pretty small, Tintagel is considered a “rich and important site” by English Heritage.

One place holidaymakers are encouraged to visit in Tintagel is Tintagel Castle – the former home of Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father.

How much truth there is in that is unclear, but the castle can still be explored on top of the cliffs.

Another legendary attraction is Merlin’s Cave, which was made famous by writer Alfred Tennyson’s book Idylls of the King, in which he wrote of waves bringing King Arthur to the shore, where the wizard Merlin carried him to safety.

Other nearby attractions include Bossiney Cove, which has clean white sand and clear waters, but is often missed by visitors.

Other bargain campsites

And Cornish Tipi Holidays isn’t the only bargain campsite in the UK, as there are other places dotted around the country, including Stonethwaite Farm in the Lake District.

Pitches at Stonethwaite Farm start from £8 per night, with enough space for 60 tents.

There are several facilities on site including cold running water, toilets, a place to wash pots, and a waste disposal system.

Holidaymakers will be able to reach the campsite down a narrow track, which has enough room for small campervans.

Three camping tips from an expert

David Scotland owns camping equipment retailer Outdoor World Direct and knows all about how to make a camping trip run smoothly.

When visiting any campsite this summer it’s important to make sure you’re not making simple mistakes that could ruin your holiday.

Check your tent

David recommends putting your tent up a couple of weeks before you’re due to travel to give you enough time to repair or replace any damaged parts.

He told Sun Online Travel: “You’d be surprised how many people turn up with broken tents.”

Test the ground

Picking a good spot to pitch your tent is difficult, with lots of things to consider.

One of those should be the condition of the ground you’re putting your tent on top of, according to David.

He said: “Once you’ve found the perfect spot, test the ground with your pegs before you commit to camping there to make sure the ground is soft enough.”

Don’t nap in your tent

It may seem the perfect place for it, but a nap in a tent could end badly, if it’s done at the wrong time of the day.

David explained: “If the sun’s shining and it’s hot inside your tent – don’t do it!

“One of our friends nodded off in his tent during a heatwave at Glastonbury and ended up at the medical tent with heatstroke.”

Instead, he recommends finding some shade outside or somewhere well ventilated.

Meanwhile, this is the best campsite to visit in the UK in 2024, and it has sea and mountain views.

And this huge UK campsite in Wales is regularly visited by dolphins.

Stays at the campsite start from £25 per night per person


Stays at the campsite start from £25 per night per personCredit: Cornish Tipi Holidays
The lake used to be a quarry


The lake used to be a quarryCredit: Cornish Tipi Holidays

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