Campers from all walks of life can recognize the less glamorous aspects of roughin’ it in the woods. Despite best efforts, there always seems to be a tree root right underneath the sleeping bag. The batteries on the flashlight die as soon as a camper needs to navigate the pitch-black surroundings for a place to relieve themselves in the middle of the night. A short rain can render any kindling useless to keep the fire going.

Luckily, there’s a way to enjoy the best parts of camping while avoiding the worst. Glamping offers nature lovers the opportunity to unplug in a comfortable environment. Fewer places are as comfortable as California’s Bay Area. The climate remains bearable for the entire year. Its beautiful beaches and scenic mountain backdrops create a glamping paradise. These are the best places in the Bay Area to feel nurtured in nature.

8 Anywhere Outpost

The founder of Anywhere Outpost, Theresa Cresalia, opened shop in 2017 after realizing her traditional job was not fulfilling her intrinsically. As a longtime surfer and nature lover, she also wanted to speak out for the preservation of the planet. She always felt that nature had a way of uniting people and believed an event-focused glamping operation would help her find value in work.

Anywhere Outpost specializes in creating unique digs that satisfy client needs. From weddings, music festivals, fortune-telling, launch parties, and the list goes on, camp builders focus on making the accommodations match the intentions. All the products used to lodge guests are ethically sourced, sustainable, and super comfortable, so hosting an event with Anywhere Outpost is sure to make glampers feel good both inside and out.

7 Safari West

Safari West in Santa Rosa gives glampers the opportunity to live out their wildest dreams. The founders hope to provide guests with an education that inspires them to revere nature in all its forms. Six luxury tents line the property of a Serengeti-inspired safari. The safari is home to 80 species of animals, including giraffes, zebras, lemurs, and cheetahs.

Aside from staying in a tent as dressed up as a five-star hotel, guests can go on a safari, enjoy a South African-style meal at the Savannah Café, and book private experiences that allow a closer look at the animals. This unique glamping experience will live on long after the convoy comes to a stop.

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6 Ladies Only Glamping Yurt

Though yurts have existed for centuries, the desire to stay in one as a unique getaway has taken off in recent years. This particular yurt in Kensington is perfect for any solo female looking for a comfortable and safe glamping experience. The yurt is located in the garden area of the host’s home and overlooks the Wildcat Canyon and Tilden Park.

Previous guests rave about the quiet refuge so close to the bustle of the Bay Area. There is an abundance of hiking and biking trails within walking distance. With its cozy bed, clean water, microwave, and refrigerator, ladies will have everything they need to enjoy this peaceful yurt retreat.

5 Wildhaven Sonoma

Located in wine country, Wildhaven Sonoma is one of the Bay Area’s best glamping destinations. The campsite hosts multiple guests at a time, so visitors are destined to encounter like-minded people looking to enjoy some time away from screens. Every extra-large tent is fitted with electricity, comfortable beds, and heaters to keep guests cozy.

Outside the tent, Wildhaven Sonoma sits on ten acres with private access to beaches. Campers can enjoy outdoor yoga sessions, wine tastings, and live music, too! The on-site store offers a wide variety of wines and beers to enjoy, and the clean bathrooms are the perfect place to wash off after a nighttime bonfire.

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4 Redwood Yurt

Few things are as majestic as California’s Redwood trees, and this glamping yurt is parked right in the thick of them. The yurt is part of the Om Oasis, a retreat center dedicated to personal growth and healing. The remote property is located in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The landscape, with a variety of cacti and thoughtful décor, promotes positivity and keeps guests centered during their stay. Campers are welcomed to reserve spa treatments in advance to up nature’s healing effects. The yurts themselves are equipped with enough electricity to keep the lights on, beautifully dressed beds, and plenty of clean water.

3 Costanoa Lodge

Located in beautiful Pescadero, the bungalows at Costanoa Lodge leave nothing to be desired. The coastal eco-adventure resort provides a variety of activities to amp up the feelings of being one with nature, including guided bird watching tours and falconry presentations.

No stone is left unturned to ensure the most enjoyable glamping experience. The tents blend nature-heavy views with creature comforts like electricity and reliable wi-fi connection. The shared bathing facilities feature heated concrete floors and saunas. There are also two restaurants that serve up delicious meals sourced by the on-site gardens.

2 Mendocino Grove

The campground located on Mendocino Grove’s 37-acre property features a bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, which means remarkable seaside sunsets and otherworldly stargazing. Nothing beats the beds inside Mendocino Grove’s safari-style glamping tents. Each comes with a down comforter and wool blankets guaranteed to lull campers into a cozy, restful sleep.

The two shared bathhouses offer hot showers both inside and outside, all stocked with organic bath products for a luxurious experience. There are hammocks all around to read or nap in, as well as a bocce ball court and yoga classes to keep visitors active in nature.

1 Sonoma Mountain Terrace Camper

Take a load off in a 28-foot vintage camper located in Penngrove. The hillside glampsite attracts the coastal breezes the Bay Area is known for. The west-facing deck is a perfect place to catch the sunset, and the inside of the camper has a retro feel perfectly suitable for California dreamin’.

The trailer sits on the host’s 50-acre dairy farm, so in addition to the abundant wildlife, guests are likely to hear a moo or two during their stay. Previous guests go wild over the groovy accommodations, commenting on the unique brand of peace and quiet, as well as the unmatched hospitality of the dedicated host.

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