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February 2024

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Happy New Year

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As we step into the Year of the Dragon, we extend heartfelt greetings to our valued clients and friends across Asia and Vietnam! 

May this Lunar New Year bring you joy and prosperity with success, happiness, and vibrant celebrations. Chúc mừng Năm Mới! (Happy New Year! in Vietnamese)


  • New: Glampstay launch glamping tents and camps rental service in SE-Asia
  • Tech: Undesrtanding Geodsic Domes
  • Biz: Glampstay launch glamping tents and camps rental service in SE-Asia
  • Guide: Canvas Tents, cotton or oxford? 
  • Ideas: 10 unique and adventurous luxury hotels to explore in Asia
  • Great Savings: Now on Sale + grouped Orders
  • Our Network:  Our new great Partners in Thailand and India
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No doubt that Glamping si fastly develop its presence on the market at the point to become a real rising industry in Hospitalty business. Worldwide datas show an impressive development.
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Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials today make up about 23% of the global population. There are approximately 1.8 billion millennials in the world.

As the largest adult cohort alive today, millennials or Gen Y inevitably make up a significant proportion of the travel industry.

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Hot News!

New: Glampstay launch a glamping tents and camps rental service now in SE-Asia

Weither for private or corporate event, you can now offer an exclusive experiences to your guests. 
A choice of premium full equiped tents with or witout services, Glampstay and Domeo bring tot your the Nomadic Hospitality. Firstly, for Tourism and Event Professionals, everyone is welcomed for your private friends and family reunions, weddings private events...

Download Brochure here:    English     |     Tieng Viet

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Tech.: Understanding Geodesic domes specifications

Geodesic domes, with their elegant curvature and inherent strength, have captivated architects and builders for decades. Beyond their captivating form lies a unknown system classification called frequency which determine all the differences between the models and their level of quality...


Biz.: Glamping Market tp reach USD 7,943 million by 2030

A new study says the global glamping market is expected to reach USD 7,943 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2022 to 2030.


Guide: Canvas Glamping Tents, Cotton or Oxford?

Glamping Tents: Canvas vs nylon, which one is the best?
You plan to invest in Glamping tents, but not sure whether to go for Cotton or Oxford? Let us help you to choose wisely...


Ideas: 10 unique and adventurous luxury hotels to explore in Asia

Ever wanted to take a zip line to your resort? Or sleep next to elephants in a bubble-domed accommodation? Or book a stay in an art-gallery-slash-hotel? Asia is home to plenty of unique and adventurous hotels that offer memorable activities...



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Jungle Safari Tent

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Pearl Dome

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Brand new and exclusive eliptic Geodome shaped as a "pearl". . 

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Eugene Ang - Domeo Singapore

LB-Aresia, Development Partner in Thailand and more.

We are glad and proud be represented in Thaliand By Bruno Lespurque and is highly experienced Team. Based in Phuket and Bangkok, LB-Aresia bring us a long field experience in hospitality consulting and Glamping Operations Management. This makes this Team our privileged Partner.
Bruno Lespurque

+66 (0) 95 791 7069

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Welcome to Tzolyd,  representing Domeo in India.

We continue our international development and welcome Tzolyd our new Partner and reprentative for Indian markets. 
For projects in India and around, Eapen is now your contact to support you for glamping products and projects.

Eapen A. Mathieu
+91 98401 50116

Domeo Glamping Solutions Affiliates

You too, want to make profits with us? 
Join us as affiliate, agent, reseller.

Whether you have a network in one of the industries we serve, being freelancer or consultant, agency or specialized reseller and distributor as well, we will be glad to help you to earn side incomes or full time business.

Ask us now for our business partnerships.

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Funding & financing solutions

We have established strategic partnerships with financials experts to propose funding and financial for high-end glamping projects.
You have a project of starting up a Glamping or hospitality project, an extension of existing business, an upgrade, etc., your project might be elligible, contact us directly.

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From canvas tents to luxury tented lodges, from Geodomes to Airspaces, Domeo and now Glampstay Tents never stop to innovate to imagine solutions sometimes unusual but always realistic and remarkable.

Our Brands

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Glamping Tents

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The largest selection of canvas tents for seasonal or full-time installation, made for profes-sional use.

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Domes & Lodges

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First specialist of geodomes, it's aslo the largest selection of villa-tents and lodges for glamping resorts and camps.

Learn more...
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Project Planning

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Starting from idea to delivery, we imagine, design and plan glamping camps resorts with the sense of  premium.

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Events Tents

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The fastest and easiest innovative air based and eyes catching tents, making any event truly spectacular.

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