Digital Marketing Assistant Job Summary

Creativ’ international propose innovative equipment, services and solutions for Hospitality, events and architecture through its 2 brands; Domeo and Glampstay.

We want to hire a Digital Marketing Assistant to help us to develop our presence in Vietnam on internet and social-medias and identify sales opportunities.

Great for students, Freelancers, as main or secondary work, you can earn money from your home.

Your duties in this position are primarily involve in data collect and entry, but also to be responsible for Facebook and social media to surveys and comments for potential sales opportunities. You may collect data from a variety of sources, including our in-house database and public surveys.

What you will do:

Data Collection:

  • Identify and collect data from internet and specialized sources
  • Entry data to both excel files and our dedicated websites
  • Organize collected data archives
  • Ensure that all data is accurate and properly organized

Social medias survey:

Survey and comment on our main social medias to identify salet opportunities and generate traffic to our websites for new user registrations

  • Follow the newsfeed in the dedicated groups
  • Read and comment to promote our business and generate leads
  • Post on the newsfeeds from our blogs
  • Maintain our regular presence on social medias

Who can apply:

Experience is not required, we accept student, interns, freelancer, freshly Graduated, digital professional

What do we require:

  • Strong research abilities and organizational skills
  • Ethics and integrity in working
  • Responsible and enthusiasm
  • Vietnamese and good English level or/and French
  • Familiar with computing, MS office, Internet search engine
  • Having your own computer and internet connection
  • Good in writing and communicating
  • Study and experience in digital marketing, not required but a must

What we offer:

A remote work from home or anywhere you are:

  • Flexible working time, you work when you at your pace
  • Training and coaching
  • Opportunity to work on real projects
  • Possibility of full-time job according abilities, effort, and results
  • Motivating earning, “more you do more you earn!”

How much do we pay:

  • 4.5 mvnd
  • 1mVND/ 500 listings
  • 1,5% commission on generated sales