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October 2023

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  • 5 most Luxury Glamping in Thailand
  • Festivals and glamping, feedback
  • Canvas Tents, cotton or oxford? 
  • How to boost sales for hotels-resorts?
  • Popup glamping for Hyundai car event
  • Domeo now in Singapore & Europe  
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Up to 25% on our Canvas Tents

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No doubt that Glamping si fastly develop its presence on the market at the point to become a real rising industry in Hospitalty business. Worldwide datas show an impressive development.
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Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials today make up about 23% of the global population. There are approximately 1.8 billion millennials in the world.

As the largest adult cohort alive today, millennials or Gen Y inevitably make up a significant proportion of the travel industry.

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The 5 most luxury Glampings in Thailand

When we talk about Luxury Glamping, nothing is more beautiful than these reference Glamping resorts. Thailand is a leading desitnation for tourism and Glamping is now a part of the plan. Discover few of the most luxury tented lodges....


Glamping for Festivals, the feedback

in many countries, camping and Glamping become a necessity for organizers annd sponsors to offer accommodations to public, VIPs and activations. Check this feedback.. 


Canvas Glamping Tents: Cotton or oxford?

Glamping Tents: Canvas vs nylon, which one is the best?
You plan to invest in Glamping tents, but not sure whether to go for Cotton or Oxford? Let try to help you to choose wisely...


Hotels & Resorts, how to boost your sales? 

One of the major challenge Hospitality industry has to face is the lack of meaningfull experiences than classic hospitaltiy propose to their guests. Glamping is one of the tool to thinking out of the box and boost your sales...


Hyundai create a Pop-up Glamping Event 

Is there a better way to introduce a brand new electric car than present it in the nature? 
In UK. the brand used Glamping as its best marketing activation, by setting up a "pop-up" glamping resort to invite their most influencing guests. Tents and cabins, tented bar-restaurant, shop, all  what you expeect to find in a luxury resort...



Wether your are Glamping camps operators, Glampstay hosts, resellers, dealers or for your personal adventures, Domeo Glamping and Mobile Spaces and its brands partners is your perfect solutions provider.

From canvas tents to tented lodges, from Geodomes to Airspaces, Domeo never stop to innovate to imagine solutions sometimes unusual but always realistic and remarkable.

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Glamping Solutions

The largest selection of tents and equipment for seasonal or permanent installation, made for professional use.

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Project Planning

Starting from the idea to the project delivery, we imagine and plan glamping spaces with a green creative vision.

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Events Tents & Spaces

We are expert in innovative and eyes catching mobility and our tented solutions make events memorable.

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Eugene Ang - Domeo Singapore

New Team member in Singapore  

We are glad to welcome Eugene Ang in our Team. Based in Singapore, Eugene bring us his long field experience in business and hospitality to particpate to our development in Singapore and SE-Asia.
Eugene Ang

+65 8383 9823

New Team member also in Europe

We boost our international development with Hervé A. Birot, our new collaborator for Europe markets. Recognized tourism MICE professionnal since +30 years on international projects, Hervé is now your main contact in France and Europe.

Hervé A. Birot
+33 (0)766 76 06 91

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Domeo Glamping Solutions Affiliates

Want to make profits with us? 
Become affiliate, agent, reseller.

Whether you have a network in one of the industries we serve, being freelancer or consultant, agency or specialized reseller and distributor as well, we will be glad to help you to earn side incomes or full time business.

Ask us now for our business partnerships.

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Funding & financing solutions

We have established strategic partnerships with financials experts to propose funding and financial for high-end glamping projects.
You have a project of starting up a Glamping or hospitality project, an extension of existing business, an upgrade, etc., your project might be elligible, contact us now.

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